Workers Comp

Midwest Manufacturers’ Association

Requirements for Membership in the Trifac Workers Compensaton Fund 

Requirements for Consideration.
* Minimum workers compensation premium of $5,000.
* Maximum experience modification factor of 1.50.
* Financial statements done by a CPA to either a review or audit level.

Requirements for Application & Membership.
* All of the above.
* $400 non-refundable check made payable to the Minnesota Department of Commerce. This is a one-time only payment.
* 3 years experience modification worksheets from MWCIA or NCCI.
* 3 years WC policy declaration pages.
* 3 years financial statements with at least the most current year at a review or audit level and done by a CPA. In addition, each year after joining the fund, a CPA must do the financial statement to either a review or audit level, and a copy provided to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.
* Must be a member or become a member of a chapter of Midwest Manufacturers’ Association (Arrowhead Manufacturing & Fabricators Association or Tri-State Manufacturing Association).
* Must be a member of the Trifac Workers Compensation Fund for 3-years. If a member leaves prior to the three-year period, they are subject to withdrawal penalties.

Information About Trifac

* Established January 1, 1997 for Minnesota manufacturing and related companies.
* Membership stands at 115 companies, $396,000,000 in Net Worth and 13,200 employees.
* Written premiums of $8,500,000.
* Specific excess insurance – W.C.R.A. at $410,000 per occurrence for calendar year 2008.
* Aggregate excess insurance – Midwest Employers Casualty Co. (A+ Rated)$3,000,000 limit $2,000,000 limit – Employers Liability excess of $410,000.

Eligible Employers:
* Plastics Mfg. Auto Body
* Food Processing Welding
* Foundry Precision Machine Parts Mfg.
* Sheet Metal Fabrication Die Cast Mfg.
* Embroidery Mfg. Bag Mfg.
* Agricultural Machinery Mfg. Machinery Mfg.
* Automobile Body Mfg. Tool Mfg.
* Machine Shop Electroplating
* Machinery Repair Hardware Mfg.
* Rubber Goods Mfg. Paper Goods Mfg.
* Bakery & Drivers Clothing Mfg.
* Wood Products Mfg. Printing
Other manufacturing operations may be admitted but are subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

The Trifac Fund is governed by an independent Board of Directors elected by the membership at the annual meeting each spring.
Current Board Members are:

  • CHAIR: Randy Reinke, Custom Products of Litchfield
  • VICE CHAIR: Ed Bolas, Dycast Specialities
  • SECRETARY: Gerald Bienias, Donnelly Custom Manufacturing
  • Lynette Kluver, Alexandria Extrusion Company, Director
  • Carly Leppala, Carley Foundry, Inc., Director
  • Lori Meader, Arvig Communications, Director
  • Bernie Merchlewitz, Technical Die Casting, Director
  • Todd Stadtler, Badger Foundry Company, Director
  • Louis Tillman, Atlas Staffing, Director


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